Welcome Starfinder Crew,

This is your briefing for operation: “BETWEEN THE LIGHT.”

Between the Light focuses on your crew of upstart Starfinder recruits, still seeking to make a name for themselves. Unbeknownst to most of the Society, your fledgling crew has been charged with the covert operation to conduct investigations into various rumors circulating around the ruling groups of Absalom Station.

The Starfinder Society is still a new force in the Pact Worlds, but has quickly spread its influence throughout the solar system. This astounding growth serves their mission of discovery and exploration, but with this astonishing growth came a concerning lack of oversight for new members. Each year, the Starfinder Society inaugurates dozens of new recruits to keep pace with their growing objectives. Overall, these recruits have served the society well. However, behind closed doors, a handful of senior officers have been noticing disturbing patterns of corruption within their ever-expanding forces.

While the rest of the Pact Worlds is holding off the dangers of the Swarm, the Cult of the Devourer, and whatever else the Vast might contain, they cannot risk negative impact from the Society. Corruption from within the ever-present Starfinder ranks risks to weaken planetary stability and possibly shake the fragile peace held with the Veskarium. Thus, while the majority of the Starfinder resources are devoted to the immediate threats from beyond, they have commissioned a small group of their new forces to investigate the threats from within.

The players in this adventure will be tasked with investigating the impact of the Starfinders on various Pact Worlds, and acting as a force of correction for any corruption they uncover. During this investigation, however, they may stumble into ancient threats with connections to the growing corruption and, possibly even, the mystery of the Gap.